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EFCG The Environmental Financial Consulting Group

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EFCG's business falls into the following categories:

OWNERSHIP CAPITALIZATION & COMPENSATION PLANS (OCCPs) and INTERNAL OWNERSHIP TRANSITIONS (IOTs): EFCG assists architectural, engineering and consulting firms to evaluate, modify and develop their approaches to employee ownership, compensation and capitalization plans ("OCCP"). For employee-owned firms, OCCPs address three goals: maintaining internal or employee ownership, adequacy and appropriateness of compensation, and the adequacy of capitalization to enable the firm to finance its internal growth while, at the same time, providing liquidity for retiring, or otherwise departing, employee shareholders. Almost every engineering and consulting firm has a different approach to this, and the challenge to meet these three different objectives is particularly critical to professional services firms and highly sensitive to the unique culture of each firm.

Designing an OCCP also requires an approach to deal with internal owernship transfer ("IOT"), avoiding the need for a company to sell out to a third party when it comes time for founders or senior owners to retire or liquify their equity positions. Helping e/c and architecture firms accomplish this on a prudent and sustainable basis is one of our primary specialties, and we have been assisting A/E/C firms with their own plans for 15 years.

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