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Movewithus is a proud member of the Association of International Property Professionals (AIPP). In an effort to improve the professional standards of the international property market, members of the AIPP have voluntarily committed themselves to industry regulation.

When you see that a company is a Member, it means:

- A company has been vetted and approved.
- A company has submitted to industry standard training.
- A company has agreed to follow the AIPP Code of Conduct, one established to help and reassure you.

What is the AIPP?

The AIPP has been set up to guide and to regulate the international property market and to provide quality assurance to consumers. Members have signed up to follow all aspects of the AIPP Code of Conduct. The work of the AIPP and that of its members will improve the quality of the service and product delivered to the consumer when buying property overseas. It is a non-profit organisation.

In short, AIPP membership is the stamp of approval for international property companies. On our website and in all our literature, you will see the AIPP Member logo from now on. Itís a reminder to you at all times that we are following professional industry standards and working hard to deliver customer satisfaction through honesty, integrity and accountability.

You will see no difference to the quality of professional service we are already offering you. Itís good to know though that the company you are dealing with has met and will continue to meet industry standards of professionalism in the international property market.



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