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Will I pay less if I donít use Movewithus?

No, whether you go direct to the vendor, or even through another agent, the price will not be any less, and in some cases you will actually pay more.

What other costs on top of the purchase price can I expect?

You should usually allow around an additional 10% on top of the purchase price for legal fees, notary fees, land registry, VAT (IVA) or transfer tax and stamp duty. This percentage changes in each different country so please take this as a general estimate and ask for specific details from your own legal adviser.  They will give you a detailed breakdown as part of a quotation. If you are considering taking out a mortgage, the bank may also charge an arrangement and survey fee, as in the UK and other European countries.

Do you have resale properties I can view?

New build properties or off plan developments are very popular and are often built to a much higher standard than older properties.

Usually we recommend a resale or a recently completed property if you are looking to move into a property within a short period of time and are unable to wait for a new property to be built.

Will I be able to look at the development before I buy?

Yes, we will arrange a flight and site visits for you.

Are mortgages easily available overseas?

Mortgages can usually be arranged very quickly, subject to the following information being supplied:-

  • Photocopy of your last income tax return or last 3 months salary slips
  • Your last three bank statements
  • If self-employed, your statement of accounts for the last 3 years

Will I have to pay a deposit?

Yes. This will ensure that the property is taken off the market and the deposit forms part of a legal contract, which fixes the price as agreed at the time of paying the deposit and guarantees you will not be affected by any future price increases.

This sum will be held by the lawyer, licensed property conveyancer or developer and the contract of sale will be drawn up for your agreement and signature. If you wish, further transactions regarding the property purchase can be completed in your absence by granting Power of Attorney to your agent or legal representative.

Will I have to pay in stages?

If you are buying a new build property that is not completed, or is in the process of being built, you will normally agree to stage payments. These vary, however, before you enter into any contract, you will be told the amounts that will be due at each date.

Should I use a UK solicitor?

This isnít necessary as your solicitor in the UK would still have to use a local lawyer and therefore you would be liable for two legal bills! All communication will be in English, so donít worry about understanding legal documents.

Do I have to be present for each stage of the
legal process?

No, you can instruct your solicitor to act on your behalf, even for the final completion. Lawyers in location are responsible for chasing up all information required by their clients.

What if I change my mind before completion?

You are committed to the Private Purchase Contract but some people do sell their property before completion and can benefit from profits of up to 30% or more on the money they initially invested.

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