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Transactional Work
The Abraham Group would provide strategic advice and assistance to clients pursuing transactions in the energy or manufacturing sectors. We will serve as an advisor during the exploratory and due diligence stage, provide introductions and/or communications to target corporate leaders or board members, lend credibility to gain access to bidding process, provide crisis management and on-going high level advocacy in support of the venture.

New Opportunities for Potential Acquisitions in Energy Sector
The new U.S. energy law contains significant implications for the gas and electric utility industry with the repeal of the Public Utility Holding Company Act (PUCHA) of 1935. These important changes made by Congress in the 2005 version of PUCHA will essentially create a new deregulated market for public utilities similar to those experienced in the airline, telecommunications and banking industries. The law will create new acquisition opportunities for electric and gas utilities eyeing expansion, but it also will attract interest of new players, both national and international corporations. The Abraham Group will partner and provide strategic advice to clients by helping to identify or provide introductions to potential acquisition targets; and assess projects and provide an analysis of the political, legal and regulatory factors

Assistance in Obtaining Venture Capital & Financing
There is a growing recognition that energy investments are highly attractive, and it is our belief that substantial amounts of capital will flow in this direction in the immediate period ahead. The Abraham Group clients will have many more opportunities presented for potential financing and partnering. We have relationships with several banking, private equity institutions and venture capital firms and can help our clients obtain initial operating capital and other funding going forward.

Business Development and Marketing to Potential Customers
The Abraham Group will provide strategic advice and assistance to clients with introductions and other marketing activities to potential major customers in their sector and around the world. Through their association with The Abraham Group, our clients will be in a key position to further enhance their business development efforts.

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